Northern Coastal Region South Carolina
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Southern Coastal Region North Carolina
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Welcome To The Brand New
Grand Strand Chamber of Commerce!

Helping Businesses Located In The Northern Coastal Region Of South Carolina, Including But Not Limited To, Little River,
Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Conway, Georgetown, Aynor, Loris, Longs, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach And Parts Of The Southern Coastal Region of North Carolina - Calabash, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle.

We Just Officially Launched October 26th, 2023!

Monthly Membership Payment Is Just $10!

Joey O'Connor, Director

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We're Going To Be Different!

The Grand Strand Chamber WILL NOT be financially supported by city, county, or state government.

The Grand Strand Chamber DOES NOT and WILL NOT financially support lobbying, individual politicians or any political affiliation.

The Grand Strand Chamber WILL ALWAYS support (and be supported by) our members and our business community!

The Grand Strand Chamber will never have more than just a few "paid staff" and will never ever have some huge-ass office with all the bells and whistles to show off with - thusly having large expenses that ultimately the members would end up paying the bills for! Nope, that will never happen! In fact, we might not ever have a physical office... offices allow people to sit around, we want everyone to be out networking, talking and helping!

The Grand Strand Chamber will never have huge membership fees! ... Nope, that's not going to happen!... Our membership is currently only just $10/month!.. and we are going to try our best to always keep it $10/month!... Yep, just $10/month - a small monthly price that everyone can afford! We want all businesses in the area (especially small businesses) to become a member so they can take advantage of services and resources that will help them succeed!... And we don't have any contracts or agreements for you to worry about.. pay $10/month for a while and if by some wild chance you don't see the value in your $10/month, well then you can simply un-subcribe yourself electronically anytime and stop your membership.

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Joey O'Connor, Director

Joey O'Connor and The Grand Strand Chamber of Commerce suggests very highly that you also become a member of other chamber of commerces - especially of the "city" chamber of commerce where your business is located. Here are some links to local, regional, and state chamber of commerces : Myrtle Beach Chamber : Conway Chamber : Georgetown County Chamber : Loris Chamber : Little River Chamber : North Myrtle Beach : Brunswick County Chamber : The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce : The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Grand Strand Chamber of Commerce is a private small business, owned and run by Joey O'Connor (who is Joey?). The Grand Strand Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with any other "sba" or "commerce" organization. At this time the Grand Strand Chamber of Commerce is not a non-profit organization. - will open new window THIS WEBSITE IS A Joey OConnor Enterprises DEVELOPMENT
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